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US-3898357-A: Methods and decal apparatus for decorating the nails of fingers and toes patent, US-3991538-A: Packaging apparatus for compressible strips patent, US-4681926-A: Rapid setting polymers from bicyclic amide acetals/polyols/polyisocyanates patent, US-4985399-A: Thermal dye transfer printing systems, thermal printing sheets, and dye receiving sheets patent, US-5106900-A: Method and organopolysiloxane/organic polymeric compositions obtained therefrom patent, US-5229362-A: Antibiotic A10255 complex and factors, and process and production therefor patent, US-5525139-A: Process for bioremediation of soils patent, US-5695708-A: Three dimensional forming patent, US-6559496-B2: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same patent, US-6649182-B2: Planting method and biodegradable material for preventing pests patent, US-3870222-A: Combination reusable carton and lift-out carry tray for paper and three-way cover patent, US-3975561-A: Photopolymer image inlays patent, US-4706430-A: Concrete reinforcing unit patent, US-4833165-A: Method of inactivating HTLV-III virus in blood patent, US-5856428-A: Crystalline aromatic polyamide resin composition patent, US-3780419-A: Method for sealing balloons and the like patent, US-4470944-A: Process for producing an aromatic polyimide film patent, US-4788582-A: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-5354402-A: Method of producing a thermoplastic foam sheet patent, US-4093734-A: Amino-benzoic acid amides patent, US-4907719-A: Container for collecting, preserving, and serving hot beverages patent, US-5777391-A: Semiconductor device having an improved connection arrangement between a semiconductor pellet and base substrate electrodes and a method of manufacture thereof patent, US-3719881-A: Device for charging storage battery patent, US-4138351-A: Electrophoretic liquid developer containing a metal alkyl sulphonate patent, US-4300249-A: Chair for neurologically impaired patients patent, US-4472470-A: Transparent membrane structures patent, US-4578318-A: Sheet metal ornaments having a lacy appearance and process for making them patent, US-4609415-A: Enhancement of emulsification rate using combined surfactant composition patent, US-4815880-A: Card type writing instrument patent, US-4826762-A: Enzymatic temperature change indicator patent, US-5401415-A: Adsorption material for the selective removal of LDL and/or vLDL and method of using therefor patent, US-5503543-A: Prosthetic casting machine patent, US-3970495-A: Method of making a tubular shaft of helically wound filaments patent, US-4293619-A: Silicon-nitride and metal composite patent, US-4342612-A: Method of making a preformed semirigid plastic hose wrapped with a wire spiral patent, US-4702783-A: Adhesive technology patent, US-5018559-A: Industrial funnel apparatus with operable lid for use with 55 gallon drums patent, US-5143625-A: Method and apparatus for clarifying liquid using a pulsating sludge bed and part of concentrated sludge patent, US-6486246-B1: Polyolefin based hot melt adhesive composition patent, US-4138524-A: Structural article with molded protective exposed surface patent, US-6389409-B1: Method for obtaining unified information graph from multiple information resources patent, US-4385015-A: Repair of shatterproof glass patent, US-4388475-A: Allylsulfoxide enzyme inhibitors patent, US-4388863-A: Scraper blades used with print rollers patent, US-6232208-B1: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having an improved gate electrode profile patent, US-4880089-A: Convertible valet bag patent, US-4421336-A: Vehicle for the paralyzed patent, US-4732697-A: Detergent composition for cleaning dyeing machine patent, US-5880458-A: Photomultiplier tube with focusing electrode plate having frame patent, US-5952639-A: Depositing, withdrawal, balance check, exchange and transfer of electronic money in automatic cash handling machine patent, US-6464874-B1: Waste water treatment method and waste water treatment apparatus patent, US-5311543-A: Television transmission system using two stages of spead-spectrum processing patent, US-6318977-B1: Reciprocating compressor with auxiliary port patent, US-6451695-B2: Radical-assisted sequential CVD patent, US-6620317-B2: Waste water treatment system patent, US-6281296-B1: Curable perfluoroelastomer composition patent, US-5700309-A: Method and powder mixture for repairing oxide based refractory bodies patent, US-4186411-A: Recording and playback modulation method and apparatus patent, US-5867484-A: Switchable multi-drop video distribution system patent, US-5545685-A: Adhesive tape compositions and method for covering roofs patent, US-6351333-B2: Optical element and optical system having the same patent, US-4693498-A: Anti-rotation tubular connection for flowlines or the like patent, US-6372961-B1: Hemoglobin genes and their use patent, US-5047171-A: Optically active-2,5-diphenylpyridine patent, US-5196306-A: Method for the detection or quantitation of an analyte using an analyte dependent enzyme activation system patent, US-5436448-A: Surface observing apparatus and method patent, US-5554859-A: Electron emission element with schottky junction patent, US-6168176-B1: Accessing step construction on downwardly curved vehicle bumpers and methods of operating and constructing it patent, US-6207749-B1: Comb copolymers for regulating cell-surface interactions patent, US-5491259-A: Process to produce aminocarboxylic acids containing low residual salt patent, US-4742541-A: Telecommunications interface with protector modules patent, US-5701032-A: Integrated circuit package patent, US-6446076-B1: Voice interactive web-based agent system responsive to a user location for prioritizing and formatting information patent, US-5089167-A: Stable peracid bleaching compositions: organic peracid, magnesium sulfate and controlled amounts of water patent, US-6593973-B1: Method and apparatus for providing information in video transitions patent, US-6117720-A: Method of making an integrated circuit electrode having a reduced contact area patent, US-5609965-A: Crosslinkable surface coatings patent, US-5712906-A: Communications systems supporting shared multimedia session patent, US-6330665-B1: Video parser patent, US-3738964-A: Aromatic polyamides derived from a mixture of aromatic diamines containing 4,4-diamino-oxanilide patent, US-4172146-A: Substituted phenyl derivatives patent, US-5173502-A: Substituted trifluoropropan-1-yl-imidazole alpha 2-receptor anagonists patent, US-3801836-A: Common emitter transistor integrated circuit structure patent, US-5774327-A: High dielectric capacitors patent, US-2009266718-A1: Correction of Oxygen Effect in Test Sensor Using Reagents patent, US-6099929-A: Covering protective device, bearing advertising indicia for a computer mouse patent, US-3950580-A: Means for displaying the address on letters and parcels with a view to their dispatch patent, US-4381292-A: Anti-human T-lymphocyte monoclonal antibody patent, US-4891001-A: Sprue gated stack injection molding system patent, US-5870036-A: Adaptive multiple dictionary data compression patent, US-3881053-A: Scanning system patent, US-4096109-A: Polyester films useful as magnetic tapes patent, US-4582660-A: Method and apparatus for making a polymeric coated fabric layer patent, US-4808609-A: Amino-(hydroxy)alkoxy-4-phenylpropyl indoles having antiarrythmic activity patent, US-5428232-A: Field effect transistor apparatus patent, US-4015034-A: Register for index marking article patent, US-5869395-A: Simplified hole interconnect process patent, US-5885777-A: Cloning, expression and characterization of a novel form of phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase patent, US-5972301-A: Minimizing emission of hexavalent chromium from combustion sources patent, US-4728692-A: Thermoplastic elastomer composition patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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